The Marvel : A Biography of Jack Parsons Graphic Novel

The Marvel
The Marvel
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The Marvel : A Biography of Jack Parsons Graphic Novel

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The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons, was originally released on the web in 2008. It was published by Cellar Door Publishing in 2010. 

Words by: R.S. Carbonneau

Art by Robin Simon Ng

In the late 1940s a self-taught rocket scientist from Pasadena, California declared himself the Antichrist. This is the
graphic retelling of his story. 

Born Marvel Whiteside Parsons, Jack (as he was known to his friends) led a brief, strange, and surprising life. 
From his auspicious beginnings to his mysterious demis, Jack Parsons was an explosive figure. 
This graphic novel features Parsons and the larger-than-life individuals who populated Jack's magical world: 
science fiction writers (Robert Heinlein, L. Sprague DeCamp, and Jack's magical partner L. Ron Hubbard), 
scientists, and occultists -- including the Great Beast himself: ALeister Crowley. 

Jack's life was full of magic, betrayal, and passion. The graphic novel itself is infused with his reckless
attitude and irresistable personality; it crackles with magic thanks to the exceptional art of Robin Simon Ng. 

Every detail of this story has been researched by the writer and by the artist, and though it is a work of historical
fiction, it is true to the spirit of the Marvel that walked among us. 
This is a biography that reads like an adventure and the story of an amazing legacy. 

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